Why Do You Live Where You Live?

If you ask this question there are usually 2 answers people give: “family” or “work”.

Is that really the answer?

I don’t think that goes deep enough.

For example. I live where I live because Lynn MA had a lot of manufacturing jobs were available in the early 1900’s.

Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with New England. There are plenty of reasons for you to be here but for me that’s how it started.

My grandfathers and great grandfathers came seeking better employment and Lynn, MA was where the jobs were.

If you get down to brass tacks, that’s how the original decision was made. Everything after that was on autopilot.

That’s no way to make a decision about where you’re going to spend your life, and that’s kind of how this whole thing started.

Why do you live where you live?

If you didn’t make the decision, maybe you should.

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