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About Brecht

It is my mission to help you to get everything you want out of your business.

I have a love affair with business.

I bought my first business, the local bike shop, with a best friend in 1989, I was 15. I foolishly sold it to go to college.

In the first dot com boom I sold software and training to small businesses and then to Fortune 1000 and government accounts pounding out 100s of dials per day, crushing quotas, and closing mostly mid five-figure and low 6-figure sales.

In the aughts I built a real estate and auction business with direct response marketing including advertorials, postcards, and cold outreach. I’ve been involved in the sale of more than $200MM in assets for private and institutional investors and creditors.

In 2009, with no technical skills, I started Distressed Pro and BankProspector which grew to be and still is the number one provider of contacts and non-performing loan and REO portfolio data listing every bank and credit union in the United States.

I optimized that business using the EOS as guidance and then sold it for 7-figures.

The business was so well-run that due-diligence took just 15 days from offer to cash in the bank with almost zero training, just 2 quick calls, from me.

Now I’m on a mission to build and buy businesses and this is where I’m sharing all I know and all I’m learning.

Each week I dive into how to maximize your businesses’ value to you and the things that you can do to remove yourself from the business, get more freedom, increase your margins, and create a highly valuable and marketable asset.

The most important thing I can impart is the mindset required to free yourself and unlock your business’ potential. When you subscribe you’ll get one email each week with actionable tips, hacks, strategies, and SOPs that you can implement to help make your business awesome.

Find me on LinkedIn or email me at hello at Brecht dot com.

P.S. It’s pronounced “Breck” 😘