I sell profitable privately held and family owned businesses

Superior sell-side representation for Upper Main Street and the Lower Middle Market

I sell privately held and family-owned businesses with $1M to $50M in revenue. I help committed, realistic business owners achieve financially meaningful exits with minimal stress through expert marketing, negotiations, and advice.

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Here’s what business owners say about me

Brecht provided incredible support on our behalf and made sure we were diligent about the process, the challenges and the rewards of selling our 19 year old company. We would absolutely insist on Brecht's guidance should we ever find ourselves working in a smilier set of circumstances.
Brecht and I have been connecting business, principally on the web, for over ten years. He is our group’s expert on sales and he has been through the crucible of business development from an idea to a salable and profitable business.
Robert Graham • CEO Poll Everywhere
I've known Brecht for over a decade, and I consider him an important advisor, smart sounding board, and great friend. He's amazing at challenging assumptions and asking insightful questions about tough topics. Our conversations have elevated my perspective about our business, especially in the fields of marketing, automation, and operations. We've substantially grown our revenue, team, and ambition in the past few years... and Brecht has been a significant part of that growth.
Harry Hollander
I have always appreciated not only Brecht's ability to identify opportunities for improving business processes and profitability, but also his keen interest in doing so. He really enjoys diving into the details of your business and how you run it. The result for me has been advice that is both insightful and practical. It's often like tough love for your business, highlighting where you're getting by but really could be doing better.
I've known Brecht for nearly a decade and have relied on him for both advice and perspective on how to run a business in dynamic environments. I've watched him grow, and exit, a business and he's been instrumental in helping me do the same. He's kind enough to lend an ear when I need, and confident enough to give me the feedback I don't want to hear.
Kyle Morris Kicksaw
I've known Brecht for 7 years. He has entrepreneurial DNA with a track record of success in business. He's incredibly well-informed and a creative thinker which combine to make him a great sounding board for all aspects of all kinds of businesses. At various times his perspective has helped me cut through bias in a business valuation, refocus my business activities around true revenue drivers, and explore financing options in a small business acquisition.
I’ve known Brecht for 10 years and I've always admired his ability to both market and sell. Those two skill sets, unusual to see in a single individual, have been a killer combination that allowed him to launch, grow and exit his business in a very competitive space.
When looking for advice on a complex challenge, Brecht is one of the people I’ve always been able to turn to for advice. He’s able to deeply understand the problem and cut through the noise. I’ve always been able to count on Brecht to give me pushback where needed and challenge my assumptions.
I met Brecht at a business conference back in 2013 and knew that his no-nonsense, get-to-the-heart-of-the-matter style was exactly the kind of entrepreneur I could talk shop with and get a lot of value from the conversation.  And I wasn’t disappointed, either.  Brecht has built and exited several successful businesses and generously shares his learnings and opinions in a group of other founders.  As the founder of a small business conference and several businesses of my own. Brecht’s simple, yet powerful, insights have allowed me and others to improve our businesses, avoid unnecessary risk and waste, as well as grow revenue and get better at marketing and sales.  He’s been a welcome addition to the conference every year and I’m always anxious to get his input on things because I know he’s got something insanely valuable to add.
Dave Rodenbaugh
Brecht is one of the best people I know when it comes to selling, building efficient systems, and creating great teams. He knows what he's talking about because he's done it repeatedly over the years, in his own businesses, and by helping others (like myself).
Ruben Gamez
I’ve known Brecht for nearly a decade. He’s an expert at sales, marketing, business systems and automation as proven by his outrageous number of ski days. I can always count on Brecht to cut through the BS with straight talk and a no holds barred approach. How he stays so young looking I have no idea.
Einar Vollset
Over the 10 years I've known Brecht, he has demonstrated success across the entire software business stack, from product design and creation through go to market execution. Aside from his own businesses, he has helped me with multiple growth strategies, and provided excellent guidance in converting chaotic operations into streamlined business systems. Be warned, Brecht is a direct communicator and will deliver insight into situations even they might be hard to hear. That said, his advice has always added value to my projects and I find him an invaluable resource for my businesses.
I’ve been in a private mastermind with Brecht for years at this point. We have talked through some of the biggest events in my business life. I can say unequivocally that when it comes to business, sales, marketing and systems he is an excellent resource.
Brad Tousenard
I have had the pleasure of knowing Brecht for several years through our business group. One thing that consistently stands out to me about Brecht is his ability to cut through the noise and deliver honest, helpful insights. He has a no-nonsense approach and is always willing to offer his expertise to those who need it. I highly recommend Brecht for his intelligence, candor, and valuable contributions to any team or project.
JD Yeiter
Brecht has been a central part of my mentor network since 2015. He is a very pragmatic and resourceful entrepreneur that has helped me to focus on key activities that result in real performance for my business. He has a unique ability to cut through the BS and help focus on the next most important task and eliminate unnecessary work. Helping identify problems worth solving with products and services, then bringing them to market are key and very valuable skills of his.
Over the past 5 or so years that I’ve known Brecht, I’ve seen him consistently generate creative ideas and then execute on them efficiently and successfully. He’s a creative thinker that also knows how to get things done. When I want clear feedback that cuts through the noise and gets right to the heart of the issue, Brecht’s the first person I call.
I've known Brecht for 8 years and have always been inspired by the businesses he has built. He's taught me a ton about systems, remote teams, sales, marketing, automation, and just about everything else I needed to build and run my business.
I’ve known Brecht for 8 years and he always amazes me with how clearly he can see a complex situation. From input on my own small business to the macro economy he always has really unique (and correct more often than not) impressions of what is going on in a business situation.  This often times involves going against the grain of conventional thinking…which takes a lot of guts and independent mindset, both of which are exceedingly rare these days.
I always trust Brecht to cut through the bullshit and give me straight-talk advice and insight on any business problem. Why?  Because I've seen him build, operate and exit multiple successful businesses, online and off.  He's the real deal.