The ‘Nomadic Brood’ Train Has Left the Station

family airstream
Airstream Old Orchard Beach | Day : 0

I’ve been hesitant to post here about the trip.

In fact I’ve written more than a half-dozen posts so far and all but one sits in queue… mainly because “Nomadic Brood” is a pretty lofty name for a family that had yet to go anywhere.

But now we’ve done it.

Over the last few months we liquidated a large portion of our possessions, stored the rest, and we’ve outfitted ourselves for full-time travel.

Now we’re on the road.

I write to you tonight from 4 days into our first stop, Old Orchard Beach, ME.

If you’re just tuning in for the first time, you’re not friends or family, and you haven’t been listening to my business podcast then please allow me to bring you up to speed on what this is.

This is the tale of a family of 5, plus Ted (our dog), taking an online business and schooling on the road. Indefinitely.

Indefinitely doesn’t mean we’re going to wander around forever. I’m certain we’ll find our place and settle down. But we’ve hit the road without a definite time or place to land. Maybe we’re temporary gypsies.

I suppose we’re homeless…

I’m mostly interested in talking about the how and the why but the how is going to require a lot of documentation… photos, maybe even some video and the why demands reflection, meditation most likely, yes, maybe even some pontification, so let’s table all that for now.

We’re Going to Drive Around the Country Until We’re Satisfied

We do have a general itinerary in mind.

We aim to head south, then west, then north. After that I suspect we’ll have a real good idea of where we want to be on a more permanent basis. Maybe we won’t have to go that far. Maybe we’ll do it for good measure regardless of what we discover along the way.

This fall we’re going to make our way down the East Coast. Presently the agenda includes a few areas in Virginia, North and South Carolina, a quick stop in Atlanta and then we finish the East at Disney World in late November.

After that we plan to head west to Austin, TX.

From Austin the plan is to continue west then make our way north to Victoria, British Columbia.

This is as far as we’ve gotten.

By the end of this trip wherever that is, whenever that is, whatever that means, we aim to have achieved a few things which we’ll talk more about right here, real soon.


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  1. We’ll be thinking of you guys and looking forward to hearing all about your adventures! (Sounds like a fun children’s book idea!)


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