The Nomadic Brood’s Roadtrip Planning Map

We’ve got a lot of places we want to go. In addition to a whole host of parks, trails, cities, and other attractions we’re really interested in meeting up with the right people along the way.

If you listen to Bootstrapped With Kids or you’re following us here and you think your town is one we should visit, drop us a note in the comments below and let us know why. We’d love to hear from you.

Please Note: If you’re inviting us to come see you please remember we’re driving a 15 passenger van and towing a 30′ Airstream so we need to be able to get through your neighborhood with all that.

Nomadic Brood’s Itinerary Planning Map


This is a working document.


What’s with the heads?
The heads all belong to the Bootstrapper section and they’re people I know or have heard from who are in business. Its not a commitment to say we’re going there or an obligation for you to host us. We’re just trying to get a visual on who’s where. If you’re growing a business and you’ve got a good scene where you live let us know in the comments.

What’s with the bikes?
Mountain biking is my thing. I’m going to try to do as much of it as possible on as many of the best trails as possible.

6 thoughts on “The Nomadic Brood’s Roadtrip Planning Map”

  1. Hi Brecht,

    I’m in Atlanta and would love to see you when/if you visit Atlanta. There’s plenty of interesting startup business going on here as well as stuff to do with the family.

  2. Highly recommend when you enter New Mexico you swing by and see White Sands, NM. One of the most unique places on earth. Good choice on St. George, UT, we’ve not been yet but it looks awesome. Also highly recommend Yosemite in the Spring when the waterfalls are at full tilt.

    If you get to Los Angeles, let me know and I’ll take you guys to the Hollywood sign. 🙂

    • Hey Steve, Our plan is definitely evolving already. We have several weeks unaccounted for between some of the bigger planned stops. The next week or so we’re focused on getting out of the northeast and researching additional stops. Thanks for the suggestions and the link.


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