Captains Log. Day 168.

We just rolled into Sedona via Tucson Arizona by way of Las Cruces New Mexico after pausing in Marfa Texas on our way out of Austin. We’ve been traveling full time for 168 days. We’ve spent all of the major holidays on the road and we’ve had a birthday and … Read More →

Captains Log. Day 90.

Ok, actually its Day 128…. I wrote this post a while back and couldn’t publish it. A lot has happened since I wrote this. I withheld it, if I’m to be honest, because I didn’t want my mother or my wife’s parents to know that I’d hurt myself because I didn’t want … Read More →

Captain’s Log. Day 73.

Friday night was the first time that we were forced to make a split decision due to weather. We had been in Asheville for the month of October. We have some fluid plans with two sets of friends in the Atlanta region but our next firm date isn’t until later in November … Read More →

Captains Log. Day 64.

We’ve been on the road for just over 2 months and 3,870 miles. If it takes 21 days to form a habit… then we’re deep into the road trip habit. For the month of October we’ve been stationed in Asheville, NC. Asheville is a small mountain town in Western North Carolina. We … Read More →

Captains Log. Day 61.

Its our 10-Year anniversary. In Asheville North Carolina We’ve been traveling full-time for 2 months and we’ve driven 3801 miles since the day we left although we’re only 999 miles door to door from our first stop, go figure. We’re Living Smaller and Its’ Totally OK. We’ve been living day … Read More →