Road School Is In Session

I’ve been wanting to write about a number of things, but I’ve been so crazy exhausted at the end of each night.

So…school. The kids joke about calling me Mrs. Palombo when we do school work.

It’s been hard to get them to sit down and do formal work. Hard for a couple of reasons. First of all, little Enzo is a bit of a wild man. He could literally be swinging from the awning of the Airstream were I to look away for a split second so my attention is split. I had visions of schoolwork being done while Enzo napped, but often naps happen in the car.

I’ve tried not to push too much.

So with all the first day pictures out there on facebook, here are the first day Palombo road school pics…

Madeleine 1st day of road school

Vince 1st day of road school


The kids have had a lot of change and I’ve been letting them settle in. I know they are learning a ton even without formal sit down grab a pencil sessions.

I (we) try to incorporate little math problems, vocab and new concepts (Brecht explained physics to our 7 yr old the other day, what?) into our days and we sneak in some educational apps like Teach Me Kindergarten.


A few days ago I had some time to spend with my Kindergartener while his sister was on a mountain bike with Brecht and the little guy was asleep. He wasn’t into writting anything…okay…wasn’t into making letters or numbers with Benderoos…okay. Hmmm.

I made some numbers with Benderoos and asked him to put them in the correct order. He liked that a lot. Foam letters to build some simple words and asked him to sound them out. He liked that too. Phew, I can say he did school work.

Vince lining up numbers in the correct order
Vince lining up numbers in the correct order
Vince sounding out foam letter words
Vince sounding out foam letter words

3 thoughts on “Road School Is In Session”

  1. I feel your pain (through my wife’s experiences) when the toddler is running around disrupting the educational setting that you’re trying to nurture.

    Do you do much with audiobooks? We use them quite a bit as kids get older 5+ and it provides some good language exposure for them. The concept is inline with Nurturing Competent Communicators (; a fantastic talk that drives a lot of how we homeschool our kids.

    Also, that’s great that Brecht is explaining physics. Never underestimate the ability to explain a concept in the context of real world issues/scenarios.


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