My Distressed Loan and REO Data Business

I’ve been hard at work on for the last couple of months and now I’m preparing for a proper launch during the month of January. I first conceived of the BankProspector this past summer. Its been coming to fruition since.

BankProspector gives real estate professionals instant access to the distressed real estate and loan data for every bank in the country. I hired a development team to write the database application and I hired a designer to put together the interface and make it pretty. The team has been improving it every month and now I think its ready for a proper push.

If you’ve found me here and you think you could use BankProspector in your business leave me a comment below and I’ll send you a special discounted rate ;).

1 thought on “My Distressed Loan and REO Data Business”

  1. Brecht,

    I saw you present at Foreclosuresmass sometime around last October. At the time I thought bankprospector was clever but it didn’t fit my model. Now I’m looking to target specific banks to buy their local non-performing notes – so naturally my position has changed.

    I appreciate the offer for a discount rate – additionally I was hoping you would let me in to help beta-test BP2!



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