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Brecht PalomboI’ve got a real passion for mountain biking and the outdoors. I snowboard and ski both alpine and cross country. I’m a very happy father of 2 3 and a husband. I grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts and I’ve lived all over Boston, in Boulder, and also San Francisco. I currently live just outside of Cambridge, MA in Seacoast NH in Bend Oregon.  But that’s probably not why you’re here.

I built which is a Saas sales intelligence software and training site that real estate professionals use as a prospecting tool if they want to work with financial institutions (banks, credit unions, others) who are selling distressed assets (non-performing loans, REO).

I’m a non-technical founder which mens that I outsource most of my coding to reliable experts whom I’ve been working with for some time. This allows me to focus on the business and marketing end of things.

For online marketing I’ve focused on on-page optimization, content syndication, and social media.

I focus on lead generation and conversion at my sites. I’ve written and implemented a number of very successful email marketing campaigns including auto-responder series and report or white paper opt-ins.

I’ve produced a ton of screencast videos for my web app and in the early days of my real estate career I was putting a lot of property ‘reality TV style’ videos up to drive leads.

I am always very interested in talking with other entrepreneurs so do hit me up if you like. Lately I’m liking Twitter.

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