Work with Me to Fix Your Sales and Marketing Systems

Is sales and marketing consuming your time?

Are you having to close each deal yourself from end-to-end?

Are you spread thin because meetings keep calling you in different directions?

Are you letting prospects slip away just because you don’t have the bandwidth to meet or follow up with with each one?

Do you wish you could take control of your deal-flow without it taking over all your time?

It’s Possible.

And I Might Be Able to Help. But I Only Have Time for One Client Per Month.

Could you be that client?

Should you and I work together?

You tell me.

In my second carer I created real estate lead gen and sales systems that helped to close hundreds of deals and hundreds of millions in transaction volume.

In my third I built a software business as a non-technical solo founder and leveraged marketing automation and business systems so that when I sold it the buyers took over a well-oiled machine that ran without me.

End-to-end marketing systems can help you max out your businesses potential, create passive revenue streams, and help position your business for a successful sale.

Our systems and processes were so tight and well-documented that we were able to close the sale in just 15 days and transition in under two weeks without missing a beat.

I am looking to work with awesome people who have a great offering and want to take it to the next level with sales and marketing business systems.

If you are raising money for compelling investments, selling software, operating at a high level in the real estate, debt or alternative investment markets – and you want to optimize your offer and get it in front of more of the right prospects, at scale, then maybe we should talk.

My bandwidth outside of my own investing right now is exactly one client at a time and I am only taking on work that I find interesting.

Complete the application below if you want to jump on a free strategy session and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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