Testing for Startups 101

This is a presentation I gave at our local Startup Meetup in Portsmouth, NH. This is a “Testing 101” introduction to the different types of tests, when to use which tests, elements you should test or just plain include in your pages and a bit more. I covered AB testing, multivariate testing, and heuristics.

I’ve grown my business by more than 60% this year, in part, by employing what I’ll show you in this presentation.

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I included one  experiment idea that I had come up with which I’m about to run but haven’t as of this post. The purpose of the experiment would be to validate the pain point and/or language around the value proposition of your B2B saas, service, or product while you’re still “pre-code”.

I propose that by split testing the value proposition statements around your intended features with targeted LinkedIn ads you can more rapidly identify your most likely winners –  the features, the value propositions, etc.

They say the best way to learn is to teach. I’ve been running tests, some successful, many not, for my projects and I share some of those but I also pulled to together a lot of research to back it all up.

This is by no means a definitive guide to testing but highlights some successful experiments and offers a series of considerations for startups.

There’s also a resource list at the end of the presentation.

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