Dave Rodenbaugh • Founder, Recapture

I met Brecht at a business conference back in 2013 and knew that his no-nonsense, get-to-the-heart-of-the-matter style was exactly the kind of entrepreneur I could talk shop with and get a lot of value from the conversation.  And I wasn’t disappointed, either.  Brecht has built and exited several successful businesses and generously shares his learnings and opinions in a group of other founders.  As the founder of a small business conference and several businesses of my own. Brecht’s simple, yet powerful, insights have allowed me and others to improve our businesses, avoid unnecessary risk and waste, as well as grow revenue and get better at marketing and sales.  He’s been a welcome addition to the conference every year and I’m always anxious to get his input on things because I know he’s got something insanely valuable to add.