Stuff I Use and Recommend

Anything on this list I use personally and recommend.

  • I’m using WebinarJam and EverWebinar for my webinars and it is by far the best solution I’ve found.. You’ll find these guys are way over on the side of “internetmaketerish” but don’t let that put you off. I’ve tried a slew of other options and this one is kicking ass. I highly recommend it. Not only that but you can try it for 2 months for $1.
  • Loving ActiveCampaign. It does all of what I need in terms of marketing automation and none of what I don’t. I’ve used HubSpot, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Aweber… This is my favorite. My good friend Rob has an excellent product at that is very similar but I’ve been deep in with ActiveCampaign long enough that I’m just not up for switching.
  • Use the BulkEmailChecker to keep your list clean. Most email marketing providers are going to charge you based on subscribers these days. Since their model is your list size growing they have very little incentive to have you remove bounces completely so many will simply not send to bounces – why not just get rid of them altogether?
  • Create real, personalized, relative deadlines for your prospects with DeadlineFunnel. I use deadline funnel integrated with EverWebinar and ActiveCampaign to create expiring offers made on the webinar. I also use personalized expiring deadlines for the Academy.
  • Build Your Website in Minutes Instead of Months with BeaverBuilder. I’ve become a big fan of front end editors for WordPress. I’ve been able to build even really long sales pages with lots of sections and graphics in very little time with BeaverBuilder. I highly recommend it although I do not recommend any of the add-ons at this time.
  • Finally get an ROI on your social posting with I used to share things all the time and had no idea why I even bothered because absolutely nothing happened. Waste. Of. Time. Now i use a + Buffer strategy and I’m clocking 5% webinar registrations – meaning that 5% of the people who click on a post of mine are registering for my webinar – which is awesome because I close almost 9% of webinar attendees.

Some or all of these are affiliate links which means that I get a referral fee if you buy though my link. I won’t put anything here that I don’t recommend.