What’s Your Business Worth?

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The first step in deciding to sell your business is to get some understanding of the potential value.

Often times we find that business owners will try to determine valuations from their accountants, by observing other business sales, or by looking at the debt or investment the owner has in the business.

In the end, only the market determines the value of your business.

One of the reasons I’m affiliated with IBA is that we have sold more businesses and been established far longer than any other business brokerage or M&A firm in the Pacific Northwest.

With an 80-90% success rate (as opposed to the 20-30% in the industry) we are uniquely positioned to provide an accurate and realistic value that you can count on.

IBA typically sells businesses for within 10% of our opinion of value..

Let me help you with the first step in determining the value and marketability of your business with no fee or obligation to you.

Discover the value of your business.

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IBA has sold more businesses than any other firm in the PNW and that is just one of the reasons that I’ve chosen to associate with them.

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