Mini Course Emails: 4 Reasons You Need to Ask for a Personal Reply Up Front

this is the stern of a boat, not an email

this is the stern of a boat, not an email

I’ve had an email mini course as my frontline lead generator for the past couple of years (Actually as I type this it occurs to me that it might be time to freshen it up). If you’ve never heard of an email mini course it could be that you live under a rock or it could be that you’re not doing any online marketing but these are the only two reasons I can think of.

I recently changed the first email that goes out in my email mini course and I’m going to share the results with you because it’s been huge.

1. Deliverability

Email deliverability and open rates have been eroding. Which is actually part of the reason I send a series of emails via the email mini course right out of the gate; because it gets people used to opening and clicking on my emails and email providers like to see that.

When the recent Gmail inbox changes came out I started looking into how to get mini course emails out of the “promotions” tab and into the “primary” tab. In addition to this I’d reeeally like to remove the “via (my email service)” that’s next to my name.

Google makes 3 technical and/or strategic recommendations on how to get your mini course emails to the inbox.

  1. Configure your DKIM correctly (out of luck on that front, I use infusionsoft – for now)
  2. Create your SPF correctly – done.
  3. Get people to REPLY to you… ya know, like people would if it was a …er… regular email – which of course it is.

You might look at this and say that Gmail doesn’t have enough marketshare to pay this much attention to what they say but the fact is if it works for Google It’s going to work for other providers.

2. Oh My Goodness the Learning

There’s another problem with the way I’ve been doing things, namely, if all the communication flow is coming from me, it’s not really a conversation is it?

I shudder to think of what I’ve missed and how much further along I’d be had I done this sooner. Over just the last 2 weeks I have heard from more than 100 people who are telling me exactly what they’re looking for out of my mini-course and why they signed up which is really just an extension of my product, or a mini-snapshot of it anyway.

How much better will my sales copy be? How much more in tune with the audience will I be after collecting all of this language from all of these willing and eager participants?

You can send out surveys and do a lot of different things to get this information but what’s happening here is that in their own words my subscribers are telling me about the struggles they’re having, why they signed up in the first place, and what they hope to be able to accomplish with the information in the course.

Look at this inbox.

email mini course personal replies
Dozens of personal replies from potential customers telling me exactly what they want.

Probably the most valuable thing that I’ve learned from all these reply emails so far is that there is a much bigger segment of my audience seeking information on one particular topic, a topic that I have been treating as an after thought or sideline in my business. So that’s going to stop…. like now.

How much have your customers told you about what they want in their own words?

3. Build Trust

More than half the emails that I’m getting are people thanking me for having the information available.

Is there a better early relationship to have a with a customer than to have them thanking you for sending email marketing to them? If you’re sending junk don’t expect this kind of response but if  you’re putting out coherent, well thought out emails that are answering the questions that they have then you will.

4. Um… More Sales!

If people regularly open your emails and read them, if they trust what you have to say, if they like the information you provide and the way you provide it and therefore they like you AND you’re providing a good paid product then what else is there but an increase in sales?

My New Mini-Course – First Email – and How to Write Yours

I know you know how to write an email but I wanted to share my though process with you about this one. I think there are a few key reasons it’s working so well. I haven’t yet calculated the response rate but it is extremely high.

email mini course first email
My first email in the email mini course

Go Forth and Sell Educate One Email at a Time

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that 62% of my sales come from-or-during the email mini course so if you’re wondering if you should put something like that together for your product, stop wondering.