Microconf 2013 Action Items

I’m somewhere west of Lincoln Nebraska at 10,000 feet.

Normally I sleep like a baby on a plane and the fact that I didn’t get to bed until after 4AM should guarantee it but instead I’m typing like a man possessed and filling up my Evernote with ideas (if that were possible) as I’m trying to sort through the fire hose of actionable information that was Microconf.

I found it hard to concentrate on the speaker who talked after Jason Cohen on Monday because Jason just happened to speak directly to my biggest most pressing challenge and I couldn’t help but want to apply what I had learned to my own product immediately.

I refocused at any rate and my bulging Microconf Notebook has 3 separate notes that I managed to take: Action Items, Links of Interest, Speaker Notes

Rob Walling suggested to the crowd that you try to take 3 action items away from the conference. I’m not sure how many I’m going to have after I’ve finished dissecting my notes but I have 3 for sure that I’ve determined are top priorities.

  1. New Pricing: “Mo tiers mo money”
  2. Overhaul my funnel: the flow between arriving at my site to making a decision right now is…. not optimum… at all…  so I plan to hire Lance from CopyHackers over on Anyfu (which was suggested to me by Jason Roberts) and ideally have a session next week.
    1. Test long-form sales pages pending the session outcome
  3. Review and likely rebuild my email sequences. My free email mini course hasn’t had a look in…. 2 years? It is time. And my ‘transactional emails’ I’m pretty sure I threw together. I’m going to have to do this after I parse through Patrick McKenzie’s presentation which was so dense with business building strategies and tactics that I just couldn’t consume it all at once.

I’m setting a date for completion for these and if you’re reading this while considering your action items then I suggest you set dates for yours also.

To go to that conference and return with action items that you fail to follow through on would be a goddamn business tragedy of epic proportions.

Do it while you’ve got inspiration, ride the momentum.

One more priority action item that’s been stewing with me for a while and which I regret I didn’t focus on more while I was at the conference, is assembling a mastermind or accountability group with folks who have launched.

At Microconf the opportunity to talk to so many people who are operating companies with successful products was hugely valuable and getting some regular feedback from the same I think would really fuel growth.

Doesn’t much matter where you’re located that’s what Skype or Google Hangouts are for. If you’re reading this and you fit the bill contact me and let’s chat.